Kanata Academy's Health & Wellness Certificate

Kanata Academy will be offering a Health & Wellness Certificate. This program is offered to Grade 11 and 12 students.

Students will have the benefit of working with a teacher dedicated to the Achievement Center to ensure student success. The Achievement Center Teacher will monitor the Individual Learning Programs and offer direct support and supplemental learning opportunities to students when needed. The Achievement Center Teacher, along with subject area teachers, will be responsible for assessment, evaluation and reporting.

The Health & Wellness Certificate offers you an opportunity to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) while focusing on a specific economic sector and supporting your transition to college, university and the workplace. This Certificate is unique to Kanata Academy and offers those students with an interest in the Health & Wellness sector to focus on this and obtain experience, knowledge and skills closely related to this particular sector of specialization.

  1. A package of 6 required credits (the majority earned in grade 11 and 12 courses) that constitute a pathway for applying to destinations: college, university, or the workplace. The package must include:​
    • Four credits (identified by Kanata Academy) for courses that provide knowledge and skills closely related to the Health & Wellness sector.
    • Three or four additional credits for courses in English and other relevant disciplines (e.g. science, mathematics, or business studies) which include units of study that are customized to Health & Wellness. Some credits (e.g. English) may be used to meet compulsory credit requirements for the OSSD
    • Two cooperative education credits, which may be used to meet two of the 18 compulsory credit requirements for the OSSD
    • One-half credit for the Grade 10 Career Studies course (which also meets a compulsory half-credit requirement for the OSSD)
  2. Compulsory certifications which include First Aid training and CPR.

  3. Experiential learning organized through Kanata Academy.

Why would I want a Health & Wellness Certificate from Kanata Academy?

  • Prepare students for post-secondary education with experience in a career-specific practicum
  • Develop specialized knowledge and skills in an authentic working environment
  • Earn credits that are recognized by post-secondary education institutions
  • Identify, explore, and refine student’s career goals and make informed decisions about their postsecondary destination
  • Earn a Certificate and personalized letter of reference from the Director of Kanata Academy to include in application and portfolios.