Junior (Grades 4-6)

​The junior program focuses on teaching students to be responsible, organized and independent. Teachers are very familiar with the Ontario curriculum and subjects are introduced in a fun and creative learning environment.

​Small class sizes allow teachers to readily assist students and to provide material that best suits their academic needs. Lessons are structured so that students can participate orally as well as through hands-on learning activities. Time is also given for quiet reflection, allowing students to absorb the material and apply the skills that they have been taught.

​Students learn to respect one another, and to accept and celebrate differences. The teachers that work with this grade level teach the importance of positive self-image and they provide strategies to deal with new situations. Students are strongly encouraged to be leaders and to help the younger students whenever possible. This is a time of transition in students’ lives, and it is our goal to provide them with the tools and strategies that will serve them well in future academic and social pursuits.