Pathways: General Information

"Pathways" is a term used to describe the individualized journey that each student takes as he/she works towards graduation and it is identified by the Ontario Ministry of Education as one of the pillars of Student Success.

Kanata Academy believes in a Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) model, with what we refer to as "Pathways to Opportunity" beginning in Kindergarten. Pathways to Opportunity is flexible, changeable and unique to each student as we know, when a student’s educational program is aligned with their interests, skills and abilities they are more engaged and able to establish reasonable, attainable goals. As a student develops and broadens his/her skills, knowledge, and experiences, from grade to grade, they can further refine these goals.

Programs support pathways, student achievement, career planning, and successful transitions for all students from K-12. Established policies and procedures ensure the development and implementation of programming that supports all destinations (initially, elementary to high school, followed by post-secondary destinations such as the community, workplace, college, apprenticeship and/or university)

Pathways to Opportunity acknowledges the importance of the interrelationship between supports that are put in place to enhance student learning and the experiences that are provided.

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