Pre-requisite Policy

Certain courses require the student to have completed a prerequisite course. Kanata Academy will allow the student to begin the course without providing evidence that the required prerequisite has been completed; however, it is the student's responsibility to obtain and send the school a copy of their Ontario Student Transcript (OST), Report Card or Credit Counselling Summary which proves that they have achieved the prerequisite for the course. Kanata Academy will not issue a midterm or final report or transcript until the student provides evidence that the prerequisite course has been completed. This document may be mailed, faxed, or scanned and attached to an email to

In addition, a student may request that the Kanata Academy Guidance team waive the course prerequisite requirement. The criteria used by the Guidance team to determine if the prerequisite course is to be waived the student's maturity and/or education level. Therefore, if you are a mature student or have additional education beyond your high school record, then contact the Kanata Academy Guidance team before registering for the course to request that the prerequisite be waived.