Preschool (2-4 years)

You only get one chance to start your child's education off right!

Our preschool is not daycare, but rather an academic program that introduces children to pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills. At the same time, it still includes ample playtime that children this age need. Your child will start their school career with many exciting guests and field trips to enhance their learning experience. The preschool children wear our school uniform and regularly participate in school events with the rest of the school.

At Kanata Academy, our preschool program is offered from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday, year round. To track their progress, the students receive formal report cards three times a year in addition to regular interim reports and daily interaction with your child's educator.

ABCs and 123s

Our preschool children enhance their literacy and numeracy knowledge with learning to print and identifying their letters and numbers. Our specially designed centers and hands-on activities contribute to the development of fine motor skills.

Circle Time

Each day, the students participate in circle time where the calendar (months, days of the week, numbers to 31), letters, songs, stories and interactive games enhance the preschool literacy and numeracy skills.

Daily French

Children participate in daily French activities that include songs, calendar, alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and interactive games. With daily French instruction, children learn to understand and speak French more confidently, building a strong foundation for learning the French language.

Let’s Get Active!

The children have fun playing various games, rolling, running, skipping and laughing. Balls, trucks, sand toys, swings and our play structure are all part of our active play every day.

Artistic Expression

Children are able to express themselves in a variety of ways through dress-up, music, drama, and teacher-guided painting, coloring, drawing and many other craft activities.