The Arts

​Music, Drama and Art are taught individually by specialized teachers. The classes are supplemented by trips to art showings, museums and musical and dramatic performances.


​The Music program offered in the junior and intermediate grades focuses on five major components. They include Vocal Music, Instrumental Music (Ukulele for Grades 4/5/6 and Guitar for Grades 7/8), Music Theory, Music History and Music Appreciation. Students are encouraged to develop their level of skill in all aspects of the Music program. In Music Theory and Instrumental Music, not only is music notation studied, but playing a musical instrument by ear is also introduced as an alternative method of becoming proficient in learning to master a new skill.


​The Art program focuses on teaching a variety of techniques and media use while encouraging the students to embrace their own ability to produce art. The teacher acts as a guide to help inspire creativity and give the students the confidence to explore a variety of media. From primary to intermediate grades the class is designed to introduce the wide array of visual art to students and bring them to the realization that art can take many forms. Everyone can be an artist! In the higher grades students are exposed to a history of art and learn about various Artists and their technique.


​The Drama program at Kanata Academy is designed to allow students to explore their creativity while also increasing their self-confidence, physical awareness and literacy skills. In the younger grades, students are introduced to a variety of drama games that explore the use of voice, movement and improvisation. The program ends with a final performance where students are able to share their newly found skills with an audience. For the higher grades, students are exposed to what it takes to create a stage performance. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to write and perform a variety of scripts and explore a variety of characters. For a final performance, students are required to learn all aspects of putting on a play including costumes, stage setup, directing, and promoting a large stage play. Year end performances include Hamlet, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as original screenplays.

Mrs. Shannon Rattray (Principal)

Mrs. Shannon Rattray (Principal)