Inclusion and Support Policy for Children Enrolled at

Kanata Academy Private School Reg. Inc.

Kanata Academy is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all children, including those with minor learning needs. We are not a special education school, however, we recognize the importance of meeting the unique needs of each child to ensure a positive and enriching experience. This policy outlines the financial responsibility for additional support services, such as Educational Assistants (EAs), therapists, and other accommodations, to ensure the well-being of all students.

IEPs and Assessments:

Parents or guardians are responsible for informing Kanata Academy of their child's IEP and any assessments the child has had during the registration process. This information is crucial for our staff to adequately prepare and provide appropriate programming and to arrange support with families ( if required).

Financial Responsibility:

While Kanata Academy is committed to inclusivity, any additional support required beyond what is provided by the school will be 100% the financial responsibility of the child's parents and/or guardians. If additional support is suggested by the principal, vice-principal, guidance counselor or teacher, families must provide the support required to continue having their child attend Kanata Academy. If parents are unable/unwilling to find additional support, Kanata Academy will do its best to help find an alternative school that can accommodate their child and their child’s learning needs.

Additional supports may include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Assistants (EAs)
  • Therapists (occupational, physical, speech, ABA, etc.)
  • Specialized equipment or materials
  • Private tutors


Kanata Academy encourages open communication between parents and/or guardians, school staff, and any external support professionals involved in the child's care. This ensures a collaborative and positive school experience for the child.

Kanata Academy is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for students. This policy ensures that children with minor learning needs that exceed what the school can provide, will receive the necessary assistance and the financial fees associated with additional support will be paid 100% by the family or guardian. By enrolling a child with learning needs at Kanata Academy, parents or guardians acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this policy. This policy is subject to change without notice as deemed necessary by Kanata Academy.