Here's what parents and students have to say about Kanata Academy:

Our son started at Kanata Academy when he was only 2 and a half years old in the PreSchool Program. When we picked him up after his very first day he said to us: "I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow!" That's when we knew we had chosen the right school for him!

The teachers and staff at KA are very caring and do their best to make sure the needs of all children are tended to which is very comforting as a parent.

For the 3 years our son has been attending KA we were never concerned about bullying. The School's BE KIND initiative has made a profound impact that fosters and reinforces the type of behaviors all parents strive to achieve in their children.

Thank you Kanata Academy!

Patrick & Bree

"Our daughter has attended Kanata Academy for four years. She completed two years of Nursery School, junior kindergarten, and senior kindergarten. Throughout these early years, she received a combination of academics, physical activity, social interaction and loving care that allowed her to thrive. Kanata Academy has a ‘whole child’ focus and our daughter enjoyed karate, skating, science seminars, social awareness activities, concerts, field trips and more. She was lucky enough to have had many years with a truly special JK/SK teacher whose enthusiasm and talent in teaching young children is evident every day.

Our daughter became ill at the end of her senior kindergarten year and only received 100 hours of home instruction for grade one. Despite receiving 1/10th of the school hours of a typical grade one student, our daughter is now reading at a grade 3 level. We attribute her continued academic success to the solid educational foundation provided by Kanata Academy prior to her illness.

We have received such support and feel truly grateful that our daughter was attending a special place like Kanata Academy when the unthinkable happened. The Kanata Academy community of teachers, staff, students, and parents supported our family in a way only a small, close knit school could do. We are looking forward to being back amongst our community as our daughter goes back for grade 2."

Kari Simpson-Anderson, M.Ed.

"I asked Kanata Academy if I could please write a testimonial to help promote the school. My son is in grade six and has been a student at Kanata Academy since grade three. I worried that he would not fulfill his academic potential in the public system - he is very athletic, outgoing and loves to laugh. I felt he was not fitting into his previous school's 'box'. He was not pushed or even encouraged to achieve his academic potential. He is very intelligent, but he didn't think so. I hadn't realized the extent of his low academic confidence until after he started at Kanata Academy.

I just knew it was my job to offer my son an alternative. Thank goodness for him we made the change! He needed to be shown how to motivate himself to excel in academics. Kanata Academy taught my son how and when to focus on his school work. His confidence has grown every year and his academic growth and accomplishments are astounding. He now knows he is one of the smart kids - his work and his marks prove it to him daily. He loves his teachers and looks forward to school every day. Kanata Academy promotes and encourages excellence in all their students. Every child at Kanata Academy is treated and made to feel special and capable and, to never give up. This school has been a game changer for my son. I can confidently say he has a bright future, and he will be a very successful contributor to society. I encourage anyone who is even considering a private education to look seriously at Kanata Academy - be prepared to be amazed."


"Kanata Academy has provided a caring, nurturing and inclusive environment for my children. Both of our boys have blossomed to their maximum potential within this atmosphere, and have created bonds that will last for years. All of the teachers truly care for both their well being and academic potential. Fostering their love for learning and developing relationships, in this special environment, is the most important thing I can do for them. This creates the foundation for the rest of their lives."

Lori Preshing

"My daughter joined Kanata Academy mid-way through grade 5. She was struggling with the large class sizes and confusion she was experiencing in public school. She also plays competitive sport and juggles a very busy schedule. I can’t begin to explain how much of a difference we noticed in her immediately after joining. Her stress levels are way down, she is focused and happy to go to school. We used to struggle every night with homework but now she comes home gets it done right away on her own accord. I don’t have to nag! (well at least not about the homework). She knows exactly what she needs to get done and is keen to do it right. She tells me that she is just more comfortable asking questions in class. I have realized that the biggest difference here is that the teachers at Kanata Academy are actually teaching the students, ensuring that they understand, and not just tossing a curriculum up on the board. Very grateful that we made the switch."


"I went to a small school growing up, where all the teachers were able to take the time to get to know not only the students, but also the students' families. I am so thrilled that I'm able to give our daughter the same experience at Kanata Academy. She is showing impressive academic progress and is developing tremendous confidence and empathy because she's in a such a supportive and positive environment. She has made friends with many of the older children, who have all been so patient and welcoming. The caliber of the faculty is outstanding. The teachers have so much energy and passion for what they do, and they're always available to discuss any aspect of her school life. Our daughter loves going to school every day."


"We feel very fortunate that we have found a school like Kanata Academy for our children to attend. All of the staff are warm and friendly and take a genuine interest in the overall well-being of the students. Mrs. Rattray and Ms. Cochrane (the Principal and the Vice-Principal) are always approachable and take the time to really get to know the students. The curriculum can be tailored so that the student cannot only be successful but can also thrive in the classroom. Our son's self-confidence has grown and the work that he is now producing is impressive. With guidance and encouragement from the teachers, he is being pushed to reach his full potential. Throughout the year, he has enjoyed participating in the many extra enriching activities that are planned and organized by the school. Downhill skiing, Karate Club and Carnival Week were just some of his favourites. He is truly happy heading off to school in the morning! He has found a school where he can be accepted and respected for exactly who he is. Our son has had such a positive and rewarding experience at Kanata Academy that our daughter will soon be joining him there. She is very much looking forward to starting at the school! We certainly highly recommend Kanata Academy to any family looking for a top quality school. Kanata Academy has truly made a difference in our children's, as well as our, lives."

S & C

"My school is Kanata Academy. It was originally established in 1996. I joined SK of Kanata Academy in 2011. I left my previous school because my brother was bullied several times but no one saved him. That bully bothered me too. When I came to Kanata Academy I was scared but very soon I realized that Kanata Academy is just like my home. My teachers love me like my mom loves me and my classmates and other big students care about me as my own brother cares for me. I love Kanata Academy not only because of the best education and lots of fun activities but more importantly because we all are one big happy family. We stand up for each other, laugh together, cry together and grow together with lots of respect and love for each other. That’s why I love my school. Our Kanata Academy. I love all of you too."

Ashar (excerpt from Grade 1 speech)

"My two sons have both been at Kanata Academy for a few years. The smaller class sizes makes individual attention far more feasible than at other schools. We have had some learning challenges (ADHD, anxiety issues, giftedness) and everyone at the school has been supportive and responsive to our sons' needs. They have truly made the effort to tailor the curriculum to their levels and keep them engaged. The overall school environment is a very positive one, with excellent teachers, allowing kids to thrive. There is a solid anti-bullying educational campaign and we've not had any problems in this area. The new principal, Shannon Rattray, truly cares and listens to parents' feedback. As a result, she made significant upgrades to the french and physical education programs last year and the kids loved it. The rest of the curriculum goes well beyond the basic Ontario requirements, so kids are at a distinct advantage when moving on to high school. Having her own kids in the school, Shannon also experiences Kanata Academy as a parent and is very motivated to make it the best that it can be! I cannot think of a more important investment for my kids' current well-being and future success."


"When we moved our 6-year-old to Kanata Academy, we hoped that the individual attention would help to improve her academic performance. She was struggling to keep up, losing interest in school, and losing confidence in herself. Now, entering Grade 5, we're thrilled with her progress and her love of school! Not only has she found a place where she can achieve academic goals, but she's also found an extended family at Kanata Academy. The teachers and administration are dedicated to helping her meet her full potential, from customizing lesson plans to nourishing positive interactions, and the senior students consistently demonstrate their sense of community by supporting her as both friends and role models. We feel very fortunate to be part of such a caring and respectful learning environment."

Heather and Colin

"Its an excellent school. My two sons are studying here. They both were in W.Erskine Johnston public school but after serious bullying incidents I took both my son out of W.Erskine and enrolled them in Kanata Academy. My older son (grade 3) who had traumatic experiences in public school got so much support in K.A and his confidence level and academic performance got so much better within 6 months. Staff is so polite and caring, even other students are so co-operative. K.A provides a respectful and caring environment. Lots of field trips, sports activities, dramas and music. They go out of the way to help the child. I am so glad that we choose this school."


"I have 2 children at Kanata Academy and they are both thriving. Because of the small class sizes and the attention she gets, my 4-year old can even print full sentences on her own. The tuition rates are much lower than other private schools in Ottawa (the prices rival day care and at Kanata Academy they receive a quality education!). Although my kids aren't old enough, I have also been told that the kids that graduate from Grade 8 at KA go on to excel in high school. Highly recommended!"

Parent of a JK and a Grade 2 student

"Kanata Academy was my only school until I graduated in grade 8. I've recently been able to appreciate it so much more having just started high school. The small classes allowed me to build relationships with my teachers that lasted. It also allowed us to focus on aspects we struggled in and go beyond the curriculum where we thrived. Grade 9 was easy for me and not stressful because I felt prepared. KA also made me confident speaking out in class because I never felt worried about saying the wrong thing. I always feel that my opinion should be heard and I'm always happy to hear others.

“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.” - Dudley Field Malone.

I've always felt KA was a second home to me with the safe environment, and caring teachers and staff. The events that stand out in my memory of KA are all the extra curricular activities we could participate in, especially field trips to the YMCA, museums and Saunders farm and skiing and later snowboarding with Tracey. I always loved activities that involved the 'older kids' and later being able to be one of the older kids. In my final years at KA, we had the opportunity to care for the preschool and kindergarten students at lunch and learn leadership skills teaching them in gym class. This made me want to come back and volunteer in the summer. I love watching the kids learn and grow because it reminds me of when I was in kindergarten."

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Is this thing on? Is this thing on? Ok good.

Hey old friends! Justin typing here. I’m out in Victoria, BC in our new house. The big move has been a success. Everyone and everything arrived safely. We’re still unpacking boxes and making plans for building projects, but overall, we’re settling in quite nicely. Weather is like a dream out here. While you guys cope with heavy snowfall, climate extremes, and baking sun, we enjoy the cool breeze, sunshine, and NO mosquitos! Now high school wise: I like it very much! My new school is a friendly 3-level place with gym, workshop, library, and church. I just got back from a day-trip to Vancouver to see a Shakespeare play and I’m entering the school’s photo contest. It’s a total blast being out here but of course I’ll always miss you guys.

It feels kind of strange being in an entirely new and different school. I mean, I attended Kanata Academy for the entire number of grades that it has to offer, as well as JK and SK. That’s 10 whole years my friends! And now, for the first time in my recorded history, I’ve moved on to a whole new school! I try to organize and manage my stuff just as I did back at KA as much as I can. I’ll manage. I really like my new school. I’ll miss KA a lot though. It’s been the school of my childhood. I just loved the bike trip we took in 2010. Visiting Saunder’s Farm and making cookies has always been fun. Probably one thing I’m excited about being in this new school is that I only have to take 6 exams per year. And if I can live and organize my studies and material to survive through 15 exams, I can surely make it through this!

Got to go! Have to be awake for another day tomorrow. Bye for now!"