Maturity Credits

How many maturity credits can I earn?

You may be recommended for up to 12 maturity credits for:

  • life and work experience since leaving secondary school
  • successful completion of courses not usually considered secondary school subjects (this could be certification or designation in a specific program that required a minimum of 110 hours of instruction or training)
  • successful completion of each period of an apprenticeship program (for example, electrician, hairdresser or mechanic)

How Do I apply for Maturity Credits?

After you have completed one full Kanata Academy course, you may submit a request to the attention of the Guidance Counsellor for an official diploma assessment. You will need to submit your original secondary school transcript, a current resume and (if applicable) original documentation of courses and training completed outside of secondary school.

If all documentation is in order, you will receive a one-page diploma assessment outlining your diploma requirements and the number of maturity credits you have been granted.

Can I earn my diploma with maturity credits?

No, a mature student must still complete a minimum of four Grade 11 or Grade 12 credits after becoming a mature student. These credits must include Grade 11 or 12 English. Kanata Academy's diploma assessment will tell you exactly how many more credits you need.