Mrs. Shannon Rattray (Principal)

Mrs. Shannon Rattray (Principal)
After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a BA in Psychology, I continued my studies at D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY where I received my Certificate of Education. Over the last 20 years, I have taught both elementary and secondary students, obtained my Specialist in Special Education, and participated in writing English curriculum for the Ministry of Education. As an educator, I am thrilled to be able to witness and experience our children’s love of learning every day. Schools are learning institutions, but successful schools set high expectations for their faculty members and their students. Identifying and realizing that there are various methods of learning is the key to every child’s success, and a well structured school will continually assess and address the needs of their students and their families. My job as a Principal is to create a cohesive learning environment that focuses on improving student learning and getting our students to set and attain goals with the help and support of their teachers and families. This will be my seventh year as Principal at Kanata Academy, and I am very excited about getting to know all of our new families and having another successful school year. I have four children who all attend Kanata Academy, and I am very fortunate to have my children at work with me each day. When we are not at school, we enjoy playing outdoors and traveling together as a family.

Tracey Cochrane(Grade 6)

Tracey Cochrane (Grade 6)
My name is Tracey Cochrane and this year will mark my 20th year of teaching at Kanata Academy. Many things have changed over the years – curriculum, staff, students, but most notably, our location. I am so happy to be in our own building and to finally have a gymnasium. I grew up in the small village of Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. I attended Acadia University and went on to teach at many of the small elementary schools in the communities around my home. I had excellent mentors whose “old school” methods have shaped how I teach today. I want and expect the very best from my students, and enjoy the challenge of showing them what they can accomplish with hard work and determination. I teach my students how to be organized, independent and responsible. Leadership, positive attitude, manners and empathy are a part of our everyday. I believe that it is part of my job to help my students grow into respected members of our society and to recognize the good in others.This year, I am excited to teach Grade 6.

Stefania Gemmell (Preschool Teacher)

Stefania Gemmell (Preschool Teacher)
I am very excited to be joining the Preschool team this year! This will be my first-year teaching at Kanata Academy as a Preschool Teacher. I graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2010 in Human Kinetics. I then went to Algonquin College and graduated in Massage Therapy with a specialization in Aquatic Therapy in 2013. I started my career as a Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist. Working as a Kinesiologist I started to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities and I absolutely loved it. I continued to work as an Instructor Therapist (Behaviour Therapist) for the past several years. I am currently working towards my Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis. I am excited to bring all of my experience working in all the various work placements to the preschool classroom. In my free time I enjoy playing competitive soccer. I love fitness and doing various circuit workouts. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year!

Mrs. Kim Devlin (Grade 1/2 Teacher)

Mrs. Kim Devlin (Grade 1/2 Teacher)
I have been a member of the teaching team at Kanata Academy since 1999, and it has been my pleasure to see so many students develop over the years. After graduating from the University of Wales, I started my teaching career in the United Kingdom before moving to Canada. Most of my teaching experience has been in the Primary Division teaching grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. I love teaching and one of my main goals is to help every student achieve positive self-esteem and to have confidence in their own abilities. I feel it is important to help each student reach their full potential not only academically but socially. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as reading and travelling. I am looking forward to another exciting school year.

Ms. Tracey Cochrane (Vice Principal and Grade 6 Teacher)

Mrs. Brenda Prud'Homme (Junior Kindergarten Teacher)
I have been a proud member of the Kanata Academy staff since 2008. My journey to teaching began with a Bachelor of Social Work with honours from Carleton University. In 2006, I went on to receive a Bachelor of Education at the University of Wollongong in NSW, Australia. Living abroad for a year was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. When I arrived home, I was fortunate enough to receive a full time job teaching here at Kanata Academy. I have taught pre-school as well as junior and senior kindergarten. Teaching kindergarten is a strong passion of mine, something that I have wanted to do my whole life. I feel that being able to live out my dream each day is reflected in my teaching style and dedication to each of my students. Outside of school, I play competitive softball and hockey. I enjoy scrap booking and being outdoors doing both summer and winter activities such as swimming and skiing.

Nicole Darling(Grades 9-12)

Nicole Darling(Grades 9-12)
I am looking forward to another great year as a high school teacher at Kanata Academy. My love for math and science was fostered in my own educational experiences and I am always thrilled to share this passion with my students. After completing my degree in Biology at the University of Ottawa in 2015, I was then able to attend my alma mater once again for the Teacher Education Program. During my degree, I was a member of the Urban Cohort, with a focus in math and science high school education in urban priority schools. In this time, I worked closely with students with a variety of needs, skill levels and interests. This has inspired the focus of my practice - to promote success for every student through engaging, hands-on and inquiry-based learning. I have also developed a passion for EdTech and incorporate technology into all aspects of teaching. When I am not in the classroom, tutoring or supervising extracurricular activities (all fun things to me) I love painting, relaxing at home with my family and dog, spending time with friends and traveling. I am excited to begin this school year at KA and create even more exciting events and opportunities for our high school students. 

Amanda McKenzie(Grades 9-12)

Amanda McKenzie (Grades 9-12)
I am looking forward to the new school year, and to begin teaching English, Social Sciences and Computer Studies courses for the High School students at Kanata Academy! After high school, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa, with a focus in English Studies. I then attended Nipissing University for my teacher's college year, and absolutely loved it. I graduated in 2009, with qualifications in the Junior/Intermediate grades. Immediately after, I joined the staff at Venta Preparatory School and taught there for almost 9 years. I joined the Kanata Academy staff last year and thoroughly enjoyed working in this educational community. Over the years, I have taken courses through Queen's University to obtain my Senior teaching qualifications in English, as well as my Special Education Part I. I absolutely love teaching high school! My teaching thrives on making connections with my students so that I can best help support and encourage them. I am always trying new lesson ideas, particularly through the use of technology. Other than teaching I love spending time with my two little boys, curling reading, playing sports with my friends, and cuddling my cats.

Erika Gravel

Erika Gravel (Grades 7/8)
I am very excited to join Kanata Academy this year as the new grade 8 classroom teacher.  I obtained a double specialization in History and English at Laurentian University, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario.  This will be my first year back in the classroom after returning to Canada from abroad, and taking a year off with my daughter. Though this is my first year on the team, it will be my 7th year teaching.  I have spent most of my career in Asia at international schools in South Korea and the Philippines. I am so thankful that I was given an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the classroom while still being able to travel and experience the world.  Throughout my career, I have primarily taught English Media and Literature, English as a Second Language, and Drama. I am certified to teach both the Ontario Curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate Program. Regardless of where I am in the world or what subject I’m teaching, my students are always at the heart of what I do and why I do it.  My favourite part of teaching is getting to know them, building positive and respectful relationships with them, and thus spurring them on to reach their full potential. I look forward to doing just that this year!

Jessica Forgues (Preschool Teacher)

Jessica Forgues (Preschool Teacher)
My name is Jessica Forgues and I currently graduated from the Early Childhood Education program at Algonquin College. I have a four-year-old son named Landon who just started kindergarten and a 2-year-old daughter named Freya. I have decided to pursue a career in early childhood education because I enjoy being able to watch and support children strive during the most important years of their lives. I am excited to take my knowledge and learning from school as well as life experience and implement it into this amazing program. I am excited to begin my journey at the Kanata Academy as a preschool teacher and cook and looking forward to the bright future ahead.

Heather McShane (Grade 5 Teacher)

Heather McShane (Grade 5 Teacher)
I am very happy to be teaching grade 5 again this year at Kanata Academy. This will be my fourth year teaching here, and I love the community of staff, parents and students. I have a passion for teaching and I love working with children. In 2007, I graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Bishops University with a degree in Elementary Education. Since returning to Ottawa, I have worked as a behavioural therapist, taught at two private schools, as well as tutored several elementary students. My greatest reward comes from helping my students to learn and succeed on their own. On weekends I enjoy reading, cooking, playing sports and spending time with my family and friends.

Mrs. Bailey Robinson (Senior Kindergarten Teacher)

Mrs. Bailey Robinson (Resource Teacher)
I will be taking on the role as Resource Teacher at Kanata Academy this year, and I couldn't be more excited. I really look forward to instilling a passion for learning in my students and helping students reach their full potential. While teaching, I constantly strive to create a fun and meaningful learning environment, which accommodates all learning styles. I received my BA from Trent University in 2012 and my BEd from the University of Ottawa in 2013. I immediately discovered the tight knit school community here, and I am so happy to be part of the Kanata Academy family for my fifth year. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, skating and spending time with friends and family.

Stephanie Valentine(Grade 3 Teacher)

Stephanie Valentine (Grade 3 Teacher)
I am excited to start another year here at Kanata Academy as the grade 3 teacher. Following graduation from Ottawa University, I received a Graduate Diploma of Education in Australia in 2011. Since then I have combined my two passions of teaching and travel, teaching in four different countries and exploring forty more. These opportunities and experiences have helped shape my teaching and personal philosophies. I believe it is important to create an inclusive learning community based on an excitement for learning, compassion for others, and the ability to think creatively in our ever-changing society.  When I’m not in the classroom, I love to play a variety of sports and enjoy being outdoors hiking and rock climbing.

Alicia Gillespie

Alicia Gillespie (Grade 7/8)
I am very excited to be the Grade 7 homeroom teacher for a second time. This is my second year with Kanata Academy and I am very happy to be a part of such a great school community. I am originally from Prince Edward Island, this is where I graduated with a Biology Degree at UPEI. From there I received my BEd. from the University of New Brunswick. In 2013, I moved to England to teach Math and Science. When I came back to Ottawa I supplied with various private schools and was fortunate to supply with the Upper Canada School Board. I have additional qualifications in the Primary division and have my Special Education Part 1. In the future I would love to work more closely with those with exceptionalities because it's close to my heart as my brother has special needs. When I am not teaching I am walking on nature trails, crocheting or spending time with family and friends.

Niles Pic

Niles Matson (French Teacher)
I am very pleased to be starting at Kanata Academy as the JK-8 French teacher. I graduated from Lakehead University with a Bachelor of Education and an HBA in Philosophy in 2013. I have since lived and taught overseas in South Korea for 2 years gaining a ton of life and professional experience. Once returning to Canada I moved to Ottawa and am excited to reignite my teaching career in the country’s capital. I thrive off of my ability to connect with students with my enthusiasm and presence in the classroom. While outside of my school life I love to dance hip hop, make music as a drummer, alongside a passion for various sports such as mixed martial arts, soccer and hockey.

Holly Price

Holly Price (SK Teacher)
I am looking forward to being the Senior Kindergarten teacher this year! Over the last four years I have had multiple roles at Kanata Academy, including classroom support, supply teaching K-8 and teaching in the preschool program. I spent the last year living and studying in New Zealand and diversifying my teaching experience through teaching in a different cultural lens and teaching style. Through studying and teaching abroad, I learned so much and developed classroom strategies and values that align very much with ours here in Canada, which I plan to implement here at Kanata Academy. I am passionate about teaching through exploratory play and giving students the tools to be creative and leaders in their own learning. I love nurturing the minds of young learners and giving them the opportunity to display leadership, independence and gain confidence in their abilities. It will be a wonderful year and I am so excited to teach the 2018-2019 Senior Kindergarten class!

Kristine Read (Preschool Teacher)

Kristine Read (Preschool Teacher)
I am beyond words excited to be working at Kanata Academy in the preschool classroom. I completed my ECE program through Algonquin College and am now a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a love for all children. I am a proud mother of two wonderful children who have had a hand in guiding me towards my passion for teaching children. For two years I ran my own home daycare with love, encouragement, education and fun! I am an active member in my childrens’ school, thru volunteering and PTA; I believe in advocating for a child’s right to learn, to be accepted, and make sure that their education and care is at the utmost highest level. I look forward to bringing my heart and mind into the preschool classroom where I vow to always treat your children as I would treat my own, providing them with quality care, teaching and respect. “I hope to be the kind of teacher, I would want for my own children. I hope to be the kind of colleague with whom I would like to collaborate. I hope to be the kind of learner I was when I was five.”

Mrs. Stacey Edgerton (Office Administrator)

Mrs. Stacey Edgerton (Office Administrator)
I joined the Kanata Academy in September 2013 after 7 years as a stay-at-home-mom to Joshua and Naomi. During that time, my husband Greg and I had the pleasure of living in Australia for 3 years. While 'down under', we traveled all over, went to amazing Thailand, and picturesque New Zealand. Prior to this, I gained 9 years of experience in dental as a Certified Dental Assistant & Office Manager. I feel very privileged to be a part of the Kanata Academy family and look forward to many years of working with all the great students and staff!

Emily Shaw

Emily Shaw (Guitarist Teacher)
Emily is a classical guitarist, teacher, and luthier currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. She studied guitar with her father, Mike Shaw until university, at which point she moved to London, Ontario to study with Wilma van Berkel at the University of Western Ontario. Emily completed a master's degree (MMus) in guitar performance under the tutelage of Patrick Roux at the University of Ottawa in 2016. Emily spends a good deal of her time working with students in her home studio where she teaches classical and acoustic guitar, and piano. As a luthier, Emily has built a variety of guitar-type instruments including classical guitars, steel-string acoustic guitars, period instruments, and a ukulele. In performance, Emily strives to engage her audience with expressive interpretations of music from across the centuries. She has a weakness for emotionally charged, lush harmonies and amusing character pieces. When not practising, teaching, or building guitars, Emily enjoys biking, sailing, cooking, and gardening.

Sarah Keogan

Sarah Keogan (Grade 4 & Primary Music Teacher)
It is a pleasure to be joining the Kanata Academy as the grade 4 and primary music teacher! After obtaining my Bachelor of Music at Acadia University in 2005, I moved to Ontario to complete my Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in 2006. Immediately after completing my Bachelor of Education, I began a teaching job in Brockville, Ontario. After a year, I moved to Ottawa to begin my job at Venta Preparatory School where I taught for close to eleven years. Since I began my teaching career in 2006, I have completed my Honors Specialist in Music Education, as well as my junior qualifications through Queen’s University.I also have maintained my teacher status with the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano. I love being creative in the classroom, allowing students to learn through exploring and creating. I pride myself on having an accepting, comfortable classroom where students can reach their full potential through positive reinforcement, encouragement, fun, and hard work.

Tamara Vaughan

Tamara Vaughan (Grade 9-12 Math/Science)
I am excited (to be joining the Kanata Academy team as the new high school Math and Science teacher. I have a B.Sc. in Biology from McMaster, a B.Ed. from Nipissing, a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (Manitoba), and am currently working on my MA in Educational Technology at UBC. For the past four years I’ve been working at Carleton University as part of the Educational Technology team where I helped faculty integrate technology into their courses, supported the Learning Management System (Moodle), and tested new EdTech tools for use across campus. In the past I’ve taught Math and Science at the high school level in both a traditional brick-and-mortar school and online (synchronously); I also taught elementary for a few years (grades 4 through 6) as a homeroom teacher. I believe in creating a safe and engaging learning environment for my students where their ideas and opinions are welcomed and encouraged. In my time off I love hanging out with my family (my husband, daughter, son, cat and dog!), reading, hiking, and playing sports. I am looking forward to learning from my students and colleagues as I start my new adventure back in the high school classroom.