Students are expected to be in the proper uniform each day. All crested items as well as navy blue skirts are purchased at the school. Navy blue pants can be found at Old Navy, Children’s Place, and the Gap. Note that students may ONLY wear the uniform with the new school crest; all pieces of clothing with the previous crest are not to be worn.


Regular Uniform

Preschool-Grade 8: Monday, Wednesday
Grades 9-12: Monday-Friday.
All Grades: Formal Occasions/Trips

Preschool- Grade 8

  • KA Navy blue crested sweater over a crested white polo shirt - or -
  • KA Navy blue crested vest over a crested white polo shirt
  • Navy blue casual dress pants - or -
    Navy blue crested tunic or skirt
  • KA Black or navy blue socks or tights
  • Solid black leather shoes: cut below the ankle (not black sports shoes)
  • KA Cartwheel shorts
  • KA Sun Hat/Ball Cap

Grades 9-12

  • Navy Blue Crested Jacket (jacket can be removed during class)
  • White Crested dress shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • KA Neck Tie
  • KA Grey Pants (Boys)
  • KA Grey Skirt (Girls)
  • Navy Blue Crested Sweater Vest (to be worn under the jacket)
  • Navy Blue Crested Knee Socks (girls)
  • Navy Blue Crested md-calf socks (boys)
  • Black casual/dress shoe, no heels (can be purchased at a store of your choice)

Gym Uniform

Preschool-Grade 8: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Grades 9-12: High School students will change at school

  • Navy blue crested sweatshirt over a crested white t-shirt
  • Navy blue crested jogging pants - or -
    Navy blue crested gym shorts
  • KA White socks
  • Indoor running shoes( non-marking soles) to be left at school